Here at Scripps Radio Knoxville, our community is our family. So we're taking time every month on all 4 Scripps Radio Knoxville stations to spotlight local charitable causes that serve our community's needs with our 'Giving Light Initiative'. Each chosen non-profit cause receives $10,000 worth of promotional and commercial support to highlight their charity and the selfless work they do to help our friends and neighbors in East Tennessee.  

This month's charity is the Knox County PTA Clothing Center

Can you remember the excitement you felt when you walked through the classroom doors with your shiny new shoes and trendy new clothes? You were stylin’!  But some students in Knox County never get to feel that excitement and picking out their outfit for the first day of school is easy because they have very little to choose from. Knox County Schools PTA Clothing Center has been providing clothing assistance to students for more than 70 years. By outfitting a student in need with some new and gently used clothing items, the Clothing Center helps ensure students feel good and confident when they go to school, which has proven to help them be more successful in the classroom each day. Give a child that confidence, that pride, that boost in self esteem by making a clothing or monetary donation to the Clothing Center. Call 594-3791 to help, or visit the facility at 1000 N. Central Avenue, weekdays from 8:30 to 3:30.

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If this is something you're interested in for your charity. Let us know!